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Our Mission : As the employees of the Athens County Department of Job & Family Services, we have been charged with the most serious and important responsibility in government, that of helping our fellow citizens who experience the despair of poverty, hunger, homelessness, and ill health. We believe that our programs represent the conscience of society and that our strength lies in seeking a decent life for all.

New farm bill a missed opportunity

The new farm bill might prevent new cuts from hitting Ohio, but it did nothing to restore recent cuts that already are hurting hard-pressed Ohioans, said Jack Frech, director of the Job and Family Services department in Athens. Read more in the Plain Dealer.

Many survive solely on food stamps

Click Here to read more from The Athens Messenger or here for the agency's news release.

Ohio expands Medicaid

Click here to read about the expanded Medicaid program

Click here to apply online for the expanded Medicaid program

Food Stamps (SNAP) recipients to see a cut in food assistance benefits in November

All U.S. residents who receive food assistance benefits will see a cut in their benefits beginning in November. The cut will be by an average of $10 per person per month. Click here to read more.

Two new reports examine the huge drop in welfare caseloads in Ohio

Two reports released in the last month both call attention to the fact that the state of Ohio has been removing welfare recipients from the caseloads in order to meet its federal work requirements.

Ohio's overall welfare caseload has dropped by more than 100,000 people since January of 2011.   The reports state that the goal was not to put people back to work or to help them live independently, but rather only to meet the statistical goals as set by the federal work requirements.

Click here to read the first report, which was commissioned by the state of Ohio and points out how Athens County handled its welfare caseload and work requirements differently from the rest of the state.

Click here to read the second report, which was completed by the Center For Community Solutions.

Click here to read a Toledo Blade article about the two reports.

CATO vs. Reality: 2013

In August, the CATO Institute will release a report based on the premise that welfare benefits are so high that recipients have little incentive to accept jobs. This is an old argument that has never been valid and is much less so now.  Both the number of cash assistance recipients and the value of their benefits have dropped dramatically. The Athens County Department of Job and Family Services has prepared a response to the CATO report.
Click here to read the news release about the report.

Click here to read the response from the Athens County Department of Job and Family Services.

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Updated June 6, 2014