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Child Care Assistance

For Providers

What is a Type-B Licensed In-Home Provider?
A Type B licensed child care provider works in his or her home and can care for up to six children.

Note: No more than three children may be under age two.


The most important benefit to being licensed is your ability to accept subsidized child care payments from the state. This provides affordable and reliable child care to low-income families in your community.


Among other benefits, licensed providers are given support and guidance from their county Department of Job and Family Services and are able to develop the professional characteristics of quality child care, such as, continued training, group size ratios, and state support and compliance.


All providers are required to complete annual child development training. Each provider is evaluated to ensure that regulations are being followed.


How do you become a licensed provider?
Prospective providers must complete an application and provide other paperwork. All forms, including important reading material and state rules, are included in the introductory packet. Contact the agency's Child Care Unit (740-797-2523) for more information on the application process or to request a packet.

What should someone consider before starting the process?
Providers must be at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma/GED to be considered. They must be able to provide indoor and outdoor play space for the children. All adult members of the household and the provider’s emergency/substitute caregiver must undergo BCI&I, FBI, local law enforcement, and children’s services background checks, which includes being fingerprinted. This is done for everyone’s safety and peace of mind. These checks are done by our agency at no cost to you.

Still have questions?
Call the agency's Child Care Unit (740-797-2523) for additional information.


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