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Ohio’s Medicaid program includes Healthchek services for children up to 21 years of age. Healthchek services help
children stay healthy and reduce the chances of sickness by treating health problems early. All Healthchek services are free.


These services are provided through Ohio’s Healthy Start program and other Ohio Medicaid Health Plan programs for children.


Be sure to tell the doctor you want your child to have a “Healthchek” exam. Annual Healthchek exams help children get and stay healthy.


Healthchek screenings include:

  • Medical health history
  • Unclothed physical exam
  • Developmental assssment
  • Eyes, nose, mouth and throat inspection
  • Vision test
  • Hearing test
  • Dental exam
  • Immunization assessment to determine what shots are needed
  • Lead poisoning test, depending on the age of the child
  • Test for anemia and sickle cell anemia, tuberculin (TB) test, urine test, sexually transmitted disease test as indicated


For more information, contact:


Brandie Pierce

Healthchek Coordinator

(740) 677-4134



What happens after the Healthchek screenings?
After the screening, the doctor will explain the results.
If you do not understand some-thing, ask the doctor to explain. You can ask for a copy of the medical report.
The report can be used for day care, sports programs,
camps or school. If the doctor finds your child needs more medical care, the doctor may provide care or refer you to a specialist for more.


Do I qualify?
Healthchek is available to children and young adults up to
age 21 who are on Medicaid.


How do I apply for Medicaid?

Applications are available:

  • Download the application and instructions on how to complete application
  • At your local county department of job and family services
  • To have an application mailed or faxed, call
  • For TTY/TDD, call 1-800-292-3572


Completed and signed applications must be faxed, mailed or dropped off at the local CDJS along with proof of:

  • Income
  • Citizenship or qualified alien status
  • Proof of other insurance (if any)


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Athens County Department of Job and Family Services

13183 State Route 13, Millfield, Ohio 45761-9901

(740) 797-2523 or (800) 762-3775