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Pregnancy-Related Services


What is the Pregnancy-Related Services (PRS) Program?

PRS is a package of services available to all pregnant women who receive Medicaid. The services promote a healthy pregnancy with positive birth outcomes. These services are provided in addition to regular prenatal care.


What are the benefits?

Quality prenatal care will:

  • Begin from date of identification of pregnancy through 60 days after birth or miscarriage
  • Increase the mother’s well-being during pregnancy
  • Help prevent complications and minimize discomfort
  • Help identify danger signals for early labor or miscarriage
  • Increase the likelihood of having a healthy baby
  • Reduce the risk of birth defects
  • Provide education on how to take care of the baby


For more information, contact:


Lori Hibbard

PRS Coordinator

(740) 677-4206


What if I am high risk?
The PRS program will pay for home visits and monitoring devices if your doctor determines you have a high-risk pregnancy and home visits are medically necessary.


Do I qualify?
PRS is available to all pregnant women who are on
Medicaid. If a woman is on Medicaid and thinks she may be pregnant, PRS can provide transportation and pay for the pregnancy test.


How do I apply for Medicaid?

Applications are available:

  • Download the application and instructions on how to complete application
  • At your local county department of job and family services
  • To have an application mailed or faxed, call
  • For TTY/TDD, call 1-800-292-3572


Completed and signed applications must be faxed,
mailed or dropped off at the local CDJS along with proof of:

  • Pregnancy
  • Income
  • Citizenship or qualified alien status
  • Proof of other insurance (if any)


Need more information?

Click here to read our 2014 informational newsletter.

13183 State Route 13, Millfield, Ohio 45761-9901

(740) 797-2523 or (800) 762-3775