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Medicaid - Renew Your Benefits


It is important to remember that all Medicaid recipients must renew their application every year.

2014’s expansion of Medicaid, made possible through the Affordable Care Act, meant a large number of recipients were enrolled for the first time. Those recipients are new to the Medicaid process, including the annual renewal.

To ensure continued enrollment, recipients must remember to complete the Medical Renewal Form, which they will receive in the mail, or renew online.

Renewing Online
Those who initially applied online have the option of renewing online. To do that, recipients can visit, click on Renew My Benefits and then log in using their ID and Password.

Renewing with the Medical Renewal Form
Recipients who did not initially apply online must use the Medical Renewal Form, which can be downloaded here. These forms will also be mailed. They can also be obtained from our county office, located at 13183 State Route 13, Millfield, near the Athens County Dog Shelter

Athens County Department of Job and Family Services

13183 State Route 13, Millfield, Ohio 45761-9901

(740) 797-2523 or (800) 762-3775