Transportation Services

Our agency provides direct transportation services within Athens County to medical appointments for Medicaid-eligible clients.

clip_image002_000Our agency also provides direct transportation services to other public social service agencies within Athens County.

For medical appointments outside of Athens County, we can refer you for transportation if you provide a statement from a local physician confirming that the necessary medical services are not available in Athens County.  We can also reimburse clients for gas costs, using the federal mileage reimbursement rate for medical travel expenses.  

Clients may qualify for an incidental reimbursement of $15 for appointments over 51 miles and an appropriate referral from physician. Contact our Transportation Services unit for more information.

Please provide (7-10) seven to ten days notice for transportation services.

To find out if you qualify for Transportation Services, call:  (740) 677-4275; or Toll Free: 1-800-762-3775.