Reentry Services

Reentry - puzzle pieces - Copy  Athens County Reentry Program                                    
The Athens County Reentry Program provides guidance and assistance for returning citizens who are preparing to leave the prison system, as well as those who have been out of confinement for any length of time. 

The goal is to help those individuals rebuild independent lives so they can avoid the situations and difficulties that led them to incarceration.  The focal point - Successful Second Chances.  

  ACRTF Logo - Color - Background   The Athens County Reentry Task Force 
The Athens County Reentry Task Force is comprised of community partners who work collaboratively to help returning citizens renew their independence and assist in their transition back into society. 

The Athens County Reentry Task Force recognizes the need for a coordinated approach geared towards building and supporting a broad range of community programs to address the barriers to self-sufficiency in an effort to reduce crime, reoffending and improve the public safety.