Tips for Easier Tax Filing

Tips for Easier Tax Filing

With tax season underway, the Ohio Department of Taxation (ODT) offers the following suggestions to avoid errors and make filing easier:

File electronically. Ohio now offers two ways to file taxes electronically. To learn more about each option and decide which one is right for you, go to:

Don’t forget about local taxes. Many cities, villages and school districts require local residents to pay income tax. To learn your local tax obligations, go to:

Make sure your address is correct. If you use a tax preparer to file your return electronically, make sure the preparer has your current address. If you have moved since last year’s filing, your preparer may need to update your mailing address with ODT. Otherwise, your refund may be returned to ODT as “undeliverable.”

Check your math. Math errors slow down the processing of refunds. Also remember that the federal adjusted gross income listed on your federal tax return must match the federal adjusted gross income listed on your state tax return(s). To avoid math errors, you may want to consider an electronic filing option such as I-File, which calculates the return for you.

Include all necessary forms and information. Don’t forget to:

• Include W-2s when mailing a return. Also, if applicable, send the schedules used to calculate your deductions, additions and credits.
• Include your school district number on your return.
• Calculate your Ohio use tax (see page 34 of the 2016 Ohio income tax instructions).
• If you owe tax, send the IT 40 payment voucher and check. Be sure to include the last four digits of your Social Security number, as well as the tax year, on your check.
• If you’re mailing a paper return, sign and enclose all pages and any schedules, but don’t staple checks or forms to your return.